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glitterfic (by popular request)

Rating: Um, G?
Pairing: Trance/Thor
Warnings: This literally makes no sense. It's the result of staying up all night and spending too much time on fandom_wank, which caused the random attempts at speaking h@xx0r or however the fuck you spell it. I suspect the glitter is a result of my brain being permanently damaged. But seriously, read at your own risk. My brain hurts just looking at it, and I'm still in the same mental state I was when I wrote it.

Glitter! Trance knew what would make Thor prettier! Glitter! Of course she was partial to purple glitter, herself, but since Thor was her Very Favorite Plaything Boyfriend, she let him help her pick out the shininess! So there they were, in the local glitter store,, and there was soooo much shiny, it burned! Trance loved Thor very, very much, and she loved glitter, so she knew she wanted him to be T3H Pr3ttY! And she wanted to make him shimmer. So there they were, and there was the glitter, but Thor was crying! Trance was so sad! But on the inside, she was laughing, because she loved Thor when he was T3H AnGsTy!
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