Ari (creature of dust, child of God) (wisdomeagle) wrote in mostly_slash,
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in which I am a sad, sad fan:

This might be the saddest thing that I've done... reading a rant somewhere, "it' something you can't fix." And I thought, "hey, she spelt that word wrong! It's 'fics,' not 'fix!'"

Then I'm like, "Oh, wait, I'm an idiot."

Dumbledore in OotP: "Sirius was not a cruel man. He was kind to house-elves in general."

The end.
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No Sirius/Dobby slash or Sirius/Winky slah Ari. No. Put the plot bunnies down, and walk away.
Wow. Didn't realize how bad that sounded even without the inside jokeness. Butbutbut... Sirius/Dobby! OTP! TheirloveissoantiSlytherin!

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the Umbridge/Filch fic you were supposed to be writing? :p
I'm still waiting to re-read OTP, so I can get a better feel for Umbridge than I do. I don't want to mis-represent her, you know.

It'll come, promise.

But no, no Sirius/Dobby. There's such a thing as 'to much fic'. Plus it'd be so creepy, it wouldn't even be funny. That's like Janet/Hammond slash. You just stay away and never, ever look.
*hides Janet/Hammond fic behind back*

What were you saying?