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So I'm going to play the random pairing generator game again, since I can't find the Daniel/Sam fic-of-hotness I'm looking for and am feeling pissed. Do you happen to remember it? It was D/S porny smutty yay, and then it turned out there was also J/D? It wasn't as bad as it sounds,

Logan Cale/Lex Luthor
Tyr Anasazi/Ginny Weasley (very, very bad chanfic. Just... wrong.)
Cordelia Chase/Death (*prays*)
Luke Skywalker/Lois Lane (OMG! Theirloveissiconic!)
Fred/Olivia Crichton. (Explain to me why Olivia ended up in the database? WEIRD pairings result)
Death/Riley Finn (*does not stop, does not stop...* this can't count as an OTP!)
Blair Sandburg/Angel. (Okay, people, Blair has a top. And Angel has two shows full of uke-y goodness to pick from.
Lex Luthor/John Crichton (Or, tonight, on Bad Smallville Crossovers, Lex fucks all the prettybois who don't have a decent top in their respective universes)
Ginny/T'pol :p Yep. Ishta's getting al the action tonight.
Lucius Malfoy/Oliver Wood (First same-fandom pairing of the night! Pity it doesn't make any sense)
Obi-Wan Kenobi/James T. Kirk. (TheirloveissoOldSkool)
Pippin/Rommie. (This is one cross-over that simply makes even less sense than normal crossovers. The pairing really doesn't help)
Seven of Nine/Lt. Elliott
Charlie Weasley/Hammond. (OMGWTFBBQ. My brain is trying to make a scenario, and I can almost get the characters to work, but the universes, they do not cross!)
Mulder/Pippin (This strikes me as a sort of mutual obsession sort of thing.
Mulder: Oh look! A hobbit! How interesting.
Pippin: Oh, look, a big person! *swoons*
Fred Weasley/Bruce Wayne (someone, I think someone is in over his head here, but I'm not actually sure who
Oliver Wood/Paul Davis. (Or, today on Oliver Wood is Really Hot, Oliver Wood fucks woobies without personality!)
Jack/Anya. (No. Just no. Although, the snark, it would--okay, no.
Aeryn/Lex (And Lex continues to frell those too alpha to be topped in their own universe.)
John Crichton/Max (So while Logan is being fucked by Lex, Max is sleeping with John? And Lex is also fucking Aeryn. And John! Dude! I totally read this fic! only really not, thank God
Bill Weasley/Dawn Summers (And Dawn takes a break from her busy schedule of Trek captain sex)
Luke Skywalker/Bashir
Dylan/Picard (Other order if you please. Otherwise... no, actually.
Trance/Aeryn (Wow. The scary!crack!femslash, it burns so good!)
Beverly Crusher/Ethan Rayne. (Wow. That makes no sense)
Molly Weasley/T'Pol
Remus Lupin/Deanna Troi (Well, since fanon!Remus is Deanna Troi...)
Jim/MacGyver (I swear I've seen this. Probably with Jack thrown in there too, since fandom is on crack!)
Blair/Janet (Sadly, my first thought was, "But that violates both their canon sexual orientations!" Then I realized I was on crack fandom.
Olivia Crichton/Lois Lane (Oddly compelling. A sort of "those left behind" kinda maybe?)
!!! OTP!!!! Minerva McGonagall/Winifred Burkle! OTP!!!! OMG!!! (What do you mean it just happened to hit a kink of mine? The canon just burnses!)
Joyce Summers/Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan: The Force is strong with you
Joyce: WTF? Is this related to that band Buffy's in?
Obi-Wan: Here, let me show you.
McGonagall/Ginny (somehow, doesn't hit my kink right. Moving on.)
Logan Cale/Angel (Haven't we previously discussed Angel's two shows full of ukes? Although admittedly, none as sexy as Logan.)
Jennifer Hailey/Frodo
Cordelia Chase/Cordelia Chase (Well, technically, S1 Buffy, this is pretty much canon...
Aeryn/Olivia Crichton (Yay, same fandom pairing!)
Joyce Summers/Fred Weasley (So, after the little incident with Batman, Fred shows up in Sunnydale, and... nah, the brain won't compute.)
meanwhile, Cordy/George Weasley (???)
Methos/Ron Weasley
Faramir/Alex Krycek
Spike/Arthur Weasley (heee! Arthur's another one of those obsessed-with-what-is-different types... but Spike probably wouldn't be different enough. *sigh*)
MEANWHILE, Riley Finn/Molly Weasley. Or, The Weasley Family's Very Exciting Trip to California (129 words)
While Arthur was more attracted to the bleached blonde, his wife couldn't take her eyes of the distinctive military attire his companion wore. They were slightly surprised to see a vampire and a Muggle working so closely together, and on further examination, discovered they were mostly bickering and arguing about some blonde Muggle girl.

Molly was quite flustered when Riley took her hand and said, "I'd better get you home, ma'am. Things aren't quite safe at night, you know." She blushed and smiled and hurried off, hoping to spare herself the embarrassment of having Arthur start asking lots of silly questions about the Muggle military.

Staring after them, Spike let out a sigh. "Bloody awful, isn't it, chivalry?"

"Bloody awful," said Arthur. "So, what's there to do around here?"

Moving on, Beka/Remus
Spike/Sam Carter
Jennifer Hailey/Carson Beckett
Lois Lane/Lorne
MacGyver/Oliver Wood
Lt. Ford/Seven of Nine
Lex/Gimli (wait, wait... you're telling me there's no one in the entire LotR-verse for Gimli to bottom to? And that he wants to bottom?
Jack/Janet (not close enough to an OTP to stop now, not when I'm so close to, um, mass hysteria?
Andrew (Andrew Wells is our Andrew, right?)/Worf (Okay... but the order! The order! Since when would Andrew top to anyone, let alone someone as alpha as Worf?
Daniel Jackson/Pippin (Just the presence of Pippin in all these pairings makes me giggle)
Bill Weasley/Fred Burkle
Lex Luthor/Angel (And Lex continues to fuck those too alpha to fuck themselves. Er, yeah. Victims to date: Logan, John, Aeryn, and Gimli)
Faith/George Weasley (Again, someone's in over hir head. I'm guessing it's George)
Han Solo/Lorne
Merry/Aragorn (The order is wrong, and there's sort of some canon... all the hobbits have kind of a Thing for Aragorn... but no. Just no)
Chiana/Gunn. (I'm not seeing this fic having a lot of plot)
Fred Weasley/Riley (Given that... his mother... EW!)
Zack/Zack (I'm almost guessing this is Dark Angel, though I'm not sure....
John Crichton/Beckett (Trust me, people will write it.)
Telemachus Rhade/Harry Kim
MacGyver/Lois Lane
Harper/Picard. (Yes. In that order. Ohhh, it burnses)
Spike/Joyce... so tempting to stop here, but no! I will persevere!
Harry Kim/Anya
Walter Skinner/Lorne
Charlie Weasley/Janeway
Sam Carter/Angel (to go with the Spike/Sam we got earlier, of course.)
Teal'c/Lois Lane
Chiana/Harry Kim
Dylan Hunt/Zoe (not touching it)
Merry/Dawn Summers
Beka/Wesley (eyecandy yay!)
Charles Weasley/Jonas
Telemachus Rhade/Han Solo
Blair/Tara (hey, that one also violates both their canon sexualities!)
Uhura/Logan (I'm not, btw, including all the Trek I recognize, just the particularly brainhurty)
Lucius/Methos (theirloveissopretty)
Logan/Steve the Wraith
Buffy/Molly Weasley (to match the Riley/Molly we had earlier. O_o)
Teyla/Willow (ewwwwwwwwwww!)
Sam Carter/Sam Carter
Janet/Hermione (There is a group of women/girls I femslash all with all. They are Tara, Fred, Willow, Sam, Janet, Hermione, and McGonagall. I think Scully might be in there, too. And Weir)
Dumbledore/Sam Carter
Sirius Black/Han Solo
Martouf/Doyle (theirloveissotragicdeath)
McKay/Crichton O_o
Buffy/Jacob Carter (and just when I thought I'd broken its ability to squick me...)
Janeway/Seven of Nine (they're the same fandom, right? It's canon, right?)
George Weasley/Rygel
Anya/Data ("she's recently human, and strangely literal.")

No, you know what? I'm done for the night.

Angel/Lorne!!!! OTP!
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